AN angry anti-immigrant tirade by an audience member on Question Time has sparked a backlash on social media.

The woman called for the UK to close its borders “completely” as she ranted for more than a minute and 20 seconds.

She said: "At what stage does the panel and people think that this country has had enough? That we should close the borders, completely close the borders.

“Because it’s got to the stage now … there's no education, schooling, infrastructure … we’re sinking, surely someone’s got to see common sense and say enough is enough.

"You’ve got people flooding into this country who can't speak English.”

She went on to question the cost of interpreters and signs in different languages in NHS facilities, while not acknowledging the contribution of immigrant workers in the health service.

The woman, from London, added: “What sort of country is allowing this tourism to come in? You arrive on a plane, get free service, can have your babies. You can carry on having it all for free.”

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However, journalist Ash Sarkar, a lecturer at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, countered the anti-immigrant claims.

She pointed out that migrants contribute more in tax than other citizens, something which is becoming increasingly important as the UK’s population ages.

Responding to cries of “rubbish” from the audience member who made the initial comments, she added: “It’s a fact – facts don’t care about your feelings.”

Watch her full response here.

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The woman's claims were quickly rebuffed by Twitter users.

Bella Caledonia commented: “Enough is indeed enough. This didn’t appear out of nowhere. We are tethered to a country where this has been normalised and apologised for. Dystopian England.”

Journalist Peter Geoghegan added: “This is the problem with media as 'just reporting what people say' writ large. Important part of job of journalism is to contextualise statements. This isn't contextualised *at all*, indeed the line about immigrants costing public services too much looks like a statement of fact.”

Commentator Owen Jones posted: “This is how racism and far right extremism is normalised and legitimised. This is a vile, unhinged rant, packed full of lies and hate, and the BBC decide to uncritically clip it so it can be easily shared across social media.”

Others pointed towards the origin of anti-immigrant sentiment.

One Twitter user added: “Let's do it. Let's completely close the borders. Supermarkets would run out of food, petrol stations would run out of petrol. But at least this woman would be stopped from ever going on holiday again and might learn something. Or doesn't she think she'd be affected?”

A Question Time spokesperson said: "Last night’s Question Time included a debate about immigration which featured a broad range of views from the audience members and panellists.

"We posted five clips of people expressing their different views on the issue, including a panellist responding directly to the views of an audience member."