The National:

IF the Prime Minister were serious about really bringing the four nations of the United Kingdom together, he would think outside the box. 

Unfortunately Boris Johnson has been unable to be truly radical in his approach to keeping the Union as one. 

The Boris Bridge connecting Northern Ireland and Scotland at an estimated £20 billion cost is a nice idea and all, but it looks like Ireland could be moving towards a border poll within the decade and Scots aren't backing down from their crazed nationalist tendencies! Would a bridge connecting the two nations already thinking about going their separate ways really be the answer?

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Not to mention, the initial plan to connect Portpatrick and Larne has been marred with inconvenient reminders that the British Government used that chunk of sea as a munitions dump. Oops! 

So what's the solution? How can we keep our amazing Union physically bound together and ward off the separatists' desires to escape *cough* secede?

Thankfully one creative Twitter user has a suggestion involving turning the Isle of Man into the "world's biggest roundabout". Move over, Milton Keynes!

The plan would involve building one bridge from Ardglass, Northern Ireland, over to the Isle of Man. A huge ring road enclosing the entire Isle of Man would then be constructed, and a northerly bridge connecting it to Whithorn, Scotland, an easterly bridge connecting it to Barrow-in-Furness, England, and a southernly bridge connecting it to Holyhead, Wales, would be built.

This is the most creative and obvious way to link the four nations of the UK.

There are of course concerns around the amount of car traffic the Isle of Man would suddenly have to put up with, and the fact the residents would be effectively trapped in a large concrete bowl forever. But they would likely appreciate their role in the protection of the precious Union so greatly that they wouldn't mind. 

There are even more possibilities that could expand on the roundabout. Like one of those really long travellators that connect airport terminals. Or those miniature trains you find at railway museums that children can ride on. 

If you have more suggestions to save the UK, please get in touch. The Boris Bridge is NOT enough.