SOME people are already demanding that the Forth Road Bridge is reopened to traffic while the Queensferry Crossing is suffering from icing.

This is not going to happen, as the bridge is under refurbishment at the moment; in fact last week there was a gap in one carriageway that might still be there.

The Forth Road Bridge is no longer directly connected to the main road at either end, which would mean traffic would have to use minor roads to access the A90/M90.

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We know from practical experience that it is 100% certain that if cars had been allowed to drive over the Forth Road Bridge yesterday there would soon have been no traffic moving anywhere on any of the roads between Cramond in Edinburgh and somewhere to the north of the access roundabout at Inverkeithing. Every single road in South Queensferry, Kirkliston, Inverkeithing and Rosyth would be completely blocked, causing serious problems for the emergency services.

Wait for FMQs tomorrow, and there will be enough hot air from opposition MSPs over the Queensferry Crossing closure to de-ice every bridge in Scotland.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry