The National:

The general election was not, in the Jouker's opinion, a period of time that the BBC can look back on too proudly.

From misreported punches to failing to hold certain fridge-dwelling politicians to account, it was a rough time for Aunty, though rougher still for their viewers.

Naturally then, the first step the broadcaster would want to take after the votes were in would be to take a firm stance against misinformation, and try to claw back some of their reputation.

Oh... oh no....

Where to even start with this?

Appearing on the newspaper round-up, Olivia Utley, Deputy Leader Writer for The Sun, and Sienna Rodgers, the editor of Labourlist, revealed that they had very little clue what was happenig over the border ... but that didn't stop them from giving it a go.

You would hardly know that the SNP had definitively won the election in Scotland from watching this...

Most bizarre of all is the claim at the end that the Conservatives hadn't "massively lost" (despite losing half their seats to the SNP).

No. Apparently it only appeared this way because, at the previous election, Ruth Davidson had "massively won" (despite coming in a distant second).

Utley concludes "you could argue it either way, I suppose", presumably in the same way you could argue Labour didn't massively lose this election because Tony Blair massively won twelve years ago...

We suppose.