NICOLA Sturgeon will today, as she does every Thursday, stand up in the chamber at Holyrood and take questions from Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard, and any other MSP with a burning desire to put her on the spot. But in a one-off election special, we here at The National are giving you your very own chance to ask a First Minister’s Question as the SNP leader will be answering our readers queries in the run up to the election.

Want to know the date for indyref2? Or what she’ll do if a newly re-elected Boris Johnson says “no” to a Section 30 order?

Perhaps you want to know how her plan to sort out attainment in maths and sciences in Scotland’s school.

Or maybe you want to ask her to recommend a book to give as a Christmas present or if she would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Send your question to us at before 5pm on Friday 6 December and we’ll put them to the SNP leader, and print her response next week. No topic is off limits and we’ll try and put as many of your questions to her as we can.