Falkirk Cowboys, (BBC1, 8pm)

BY day, they worked in an aluminium factory, but in their spare time, they made Western movies in and around Falkirk. The Cowboys – around 20 in total – all worked at now-defunct British Aluminium (BA) factory in Falkirk and made eight films during the 1970s. All were filmed on a Super 8 Camera by the late Robert “Rab” Harvey, a movie buff who worked at BA as a fork-lift truck driver. The films were shown in a makeshift cinema in the Falkirk BA factory and were intended to raise money to buy wheelchairs for local children. In this hour-long documentary, three of the BA Cowboys, Denis McCourtney, Ian Gardiner and Alex Penman, who still live in the area, tell the story of the BA Cowboys.

The Apprentice (BBC1, 9pm)

AS the 10th week of the competition begins, Lord Sugar summons the candidates to Burlington House in Central London. Here, the remaining candidates are informed they have been challenged to create and sell their own perfume, coming up with their own signature scent and design to sell to major retailers. For one team a failure to make decisions proves problematic, while on the other team a bold attempt to make their fragrance stand out does not go to plan.

My Grandparents’ War: Mark Rylance (C4, 9pm)

ACTOR and peace campaigner Mark Rylance finds out what happened to his grandfather during the Second World War. Mark uncovers how his grandfather joined the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force with no military training, before being shot on Christmas Day and taken as a prisoner of war. Throughout the programme, Rylance find his views tested as he uncovers the shocking truth about his grandfather’s wartime experience.

Britain’s Great Pension Crisis with Michael Buerk (C5, 9.15pm)

AS the news keeps telling us, millions of folks are going to have to work into their late sixties if they are to stand a chance surviving the winter of their years. Apparently around 15 million workers are not saving a penny for their retirement, while one in four are not saving enough. In this two-parter, Michael Buerk investigates.