PICTURE the scene – you open your front door and there’s a former pop star singing carols.

Now you don’t have to picture it, because ex-Runrig rocker Pete Wishart has made a video showing just how that could go.

Posted on social media today, the one-time Big Country keyboard player is seen banding together with the Perth Indy Choir to perform the general election-themed Twelve Days of Brexmas.

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The musician, who is seeking reelection in Perth and North Perthshire, does not lend his voice to the chorus, nor does he get the keyboard out to play along.

But, wearing a Santa jumper, he does hold up cards featuring his rewritten lyrics to the festive favourite. Name checking prominent Brexiteers, they include an unlikely Christmas list – well, unlikely for Remainers.

Instead of turtle doves, drumming drummers, gold rings or dancing ladies, the carollers sing of “Lord Nigel Farage/ NHS sell-off/ all Europe laughing/ medicine shortage/ civil unrest/ trucks stuck in Dover/ Jacob Rees Mogg/ free movement ended/ no customs union and the hardest of EU leave deals”.

Wishart commented: “We thought we’d get into the Christmas spirit and rewrite the 12 Days with a litany of the expected disasters of their Brexit. It’s a bit of fun to brighten up the misery of what we can expect to happen if Johnson gets his way. I’m grateful to the Perth Indy choir for helping out and hope everyone enjoys it.”