THE question of what kind of country Scotland should become is being explored in the second gathering of the Citizens’ Assembly taking place this weekend.

Members gathered in Glasgow for the second of six weekends discussing issues around the future of the country.

However, plans to live-stream sessions were dropped due to concerns about the closeness of the meeting to the forthcoming General Election.

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A statement from the Assembly said: “This is because it is important that we do nothing that might lead to suggestions that we are drawing attention away from or otherwise intervening in the General Election, which could have the effect of undermining public confidence in the independence of the Assembly.”

Topics on the agenda yesterday included measuring well-being, what makes a good country and what kind of country should Scotland be.

The work will continue today with members agreeing statements which reflect various views and also agreeing on topics which they would like to explore further.

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At the opening session in October, members discussed what they hoped it would achieve – including creating a “better future for younger generations” and ensuring “politicians listen more than talk”.

The members also raised a number of questions on the constitution and independence, which will be considered further during the Assembly process.

These included the process for the UK Parliament taking powers back and if Scotland would be better or worse off with full tax-raising powers.

The size of the budget deficit and what finances would be like in an independent Scotland were also raised as issues for discussion.