THE people of Scotland are going to wake up to a pleasant surprise all around them on Saturday morning.

When St Andrews Day dawns, cities, towns and villages as well as landmarks and even country lanes will be carpeted by thousands of Yes Stones, those magical pieces of rock which will materialise on Friday night thanks to the effort of hundreds of dedicated “Stoners”.

The National has been inundated with pictures of Yes Stones from all around the country and we can confidently say that they will make an impact on whoever sees them.

The man who had the original idea for the carpet, Iain McGlade of the Yes Stones Facebook page, said: “Scotland will wake up on St Andrews Day with little Yes messages all over the country in a massive collective creative action.

“We’d really love mass participation. We’d really love every village, town and city in our beautiful country to have Yes Stones planted within them. We’d really love you to take part to make this as visible as possible.

“This page is awash with beautiful creations, the likes of which some of us are totally incapable of producing. Have no fear though, because we want everyone to take part.

“Beauty is one thing, but the message is everything so it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself artistically inept. Have a go. It’s easy, and a coat of varnish can do wonders for a seemingly poor effort.”

We hope to feature some next week so do send us pictures of Yes Stones on St Andrews Day.