CAMPAIGNERS left seriously injured following vaginal mesh operations have been informed of an agreement to bring a specialist surgeon to Scotland next year.

The First Minister heard from women left suffering from mesh, including those now dying following complications, at a meeting yesterday.

The women presented demands, which included proposed mesh removal treatment and training by US clinician Dr Dionysios Veronikis, to be completed by spring 2020.

The acclaimed surgeon withdrew his offer to come and perform the surgery last month alleging “delays and disrespectful behaviours” from medical authorities – but Nicola Sturgeon yesterday informed campaigners an “agreement in principle” has now been reached for him to visit in 2020.

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Olive McIlroy, a campaigner for Scottish Mesh Survivors, said: “I’m confident that he will get here but the trust has been lost and to get that repaired is going to take a long long time.

“We need help now. We’ve always campaigned to help others and never ourselves, this is the first time we’ve actually asked for something to help us.”

McIlroy thanked Sturgeon for her time, adding: “This has been going on for eight years and this has been the first time we’ve actually got to speak to the First Minister.

“She gave us plenty of time ... she did listen, it depends how she is going to react.”

Sturgeon said she updated the women on the work the Scottish Government is doing to ensure women access treatment they need.

She said: “I am absolutely committed to and determined that we will do everything possible to get these women the treatment and the care that they need but also that we take steps to answer any questions that they have about their past treatment and the circumstances of that.

“A wide range of issues have been raised today and I’ve given them a commitment that systematically one by one we will work through them.”

She said following a meeting with Veronikis in the US there is an agreement in principle for him to come to Scotland next year, pending requirements such as securing a temporary licence to practice in the UK.