WITH so many iconic foods coming out of Scotland it can be hard to pick a favourite.

But, perhaps predictably, Scots have voted haggis as the best the country has to offer in a YouGov poll.

The poll detailed the best Scotland has to offer: haggis, oatcakes, Scotch broth, Scotch pie, lorne sausages, cranachan, black bun, grouse, battered Mars bar and rumpledethumps.

The world famous haggis came first tied with lorne sausages, both liked by 69% of Scots. However, the proportion of Scots who have tried each food and also liked it is larger for lorne sausages (75%) than haggis (73%).

Just over two thirds of Scots say they like oatcakes and Scotch broth, meaning these two dishes take joint second place. Oatcakes and Scotch broth are also the dishes Scots are most likely to have tried (95% and 94% respectively).

Scotch pie is liked by six in ten Scots (61%) and cranachan by under half (44%). Black bun tied with grouse, both being liked by a fifth (22%) of Scots.

The infamous battered Mars bar however is only liked by one in nine Scots (11%) despite nearly half having tried it at least once (44%). Rumbledethumps came joint last on 11%.

Connor Ibbetson, research manager at YouGov said: “Scotland certainly has some unique culinary offerings, and it’s great to see that so many have at least tried the classic foods from home. Interestingly, the foods liked the most and least by Scots are the two most well-known foods outside of Scotland; haggis and battered Mars bars.”

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