The National:

IF you ever wanted proof that some Tories live on a different planet from the rest of us, all you had to do was read the social media responses to the Tory manifesto launch.

All of these responses are from one Unionist newspaper website which somewhat surprisingly, given it was the Mail Online, did not pre-moderate the responses thereby allowing vast amounts of anti-Tory statements.

Here’s the anonymous responses from Englandshire ...

“Well done BoJo an easy five more years and with a majority you will get everything done right and proper, Churchill and Thatcher in one great package!” We think that might have been satire, but this next lot weren’t ...

“The Conservatives are flying high in the polls. A positive PM. A sensible Manifesto. A party that believes in democracy .Labour with their forest of money trees and Liberals wanting to cancel Brexit. Not rocket science ... Vote Conservative and Boris.”

“Excellent speech. This is the land of the free & prosperous. Make your life. The resentful far left belong back in 1970 eastern block (sic). Mr Johnson is not the statesman this country needs but he’s comfortably better than the devious unpatriotic Mr Corbyn.”

“It is a fantastic realistic manifesto delivering what this country needs. Boris really brought the house down. It can be afforded because we have a strong economy. If you don’t have a strong economy with the money and the tax payers in this country how can you afford public services? I am voting Conservative on 12th December.”

More typical was this: “Country fell apart 40+ yrs ago!! Nothing to be proud about being English anymore.”

“The 50,000 nurses will obviously all be re-trained fishermen, put out of work by Johnsons deal allowing the EU continued access to UK fishing grounds.”

And the Brexit Party fantasy still continues: “Please, please, please Nigel – have a candidate in EVERY constituency for the next General Election so we can drain the Westminster swamp.

“Getting Brexit Done’ as Boris says doesn’t REALLY mean we Leave the EU so I hope the 17,400,000 Leavers Vote Farage & TBP so we get into the Commons and burst the Pro-EU Lib/Lab/Con Coalition.”

Curmudgeon, of Cockermouth, United Kingdom, was perspicacious: “After the dementia tax last time they are being cautious. However the reality is it is not feasible to increase spending this much without tax rises.”

Last word to a Scot: “Tubby Johnson or Worzel? Difficult choice. Two cheeks from the same a***. Give me Scottish independence any day.”