THE Brexit Party candidate for Glenrothes has seemingly declared war on the LGBTQ community, young people and secularists in a string of uncovered Facebook posts.

SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth shared screenshots she claims are from the account of Brexit Party candidate Victor Robert Farrell, which include plans to turn the "creatures" of the "Christ-rejecting swamp" into shoes and handbags.

This is not currently known to be Brexit Party policy.

In one Facebook post aimed at the LGBTQ community, the Revered states "I am now at WAR WITH YOU ALL".

The Glenrothes candidate also implied that "young lesbians in parliament", "youths in arrogant rampantness, "beta males...urinating over their own bellies" and "baying over their rights to murder their young" were all symbols of being "abandoned" by God.

The highlighted comments were all posted in 2017.

A Brexit Party spokesman said: “The Brexit Party does not share these views. We have withdrawn our support for the candidate.”

The website set up to promote Farrell has also been taken down.

Farrell is standing against candidates from the SNP, Scottish Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in Glenrothes.

The SNP's Peter Grant previously held the seat, and has done so since 2015.

Farrell has been approached for comment.