A SCOTS firm has unveiled a robotic security vehicle that patrols perimeters, investigates alarms and can be used in agriculture, energy and construction.

Edinburgh-based Casta Spes Technologies (CST) developed the multi-terrain robot “Ziva” to reduce the time and cost of dealing with false alarms by as much as 92%.

The robot is the first product from the company, set up by 24-year-old graduates, Selby Cary and Michael McDonald and is being used onsite by several companies.

Heriot-Watt University graduate Cary, CEO of CST, said: “It is estimated that the perimeter security market will be worth over $197 billion (£153.5bn) by 2022, with the global market for surveillance robots expected to reach $10.2bn (£7.9bn) by 2025.

“This is a massive growth industry and Scotland has already demonstrated that it is a leader in robotic technology.”