A COMMISSION will be set up to look at how Wales "can become independent in the next decade", Plaid Cymru's leader is to announce.

Adam Price will argue that independence "has moved from the margins into the mainstream of Welsh political debate" as he delivers a speech in Caernarfon on Tuesday evening.

He will say it is time to persuade the public that "independence is not merely desirable, but actually vitally necessary".

The establishment of the commission, to be chaired by former Welsh Assembly member Jocelyn Davies, would be a "watershed" moment, he will add.

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Price is to refer to the thousands who have come together in independence marches in Cardiff, Caernarfon and Merthyr during the last year.

He will say: "Our mission is to convince the people of Wales that independence is not merely desirable, but actually vitally necessary to tackle our problems and improve our standard of living.

"That's why I'm proud to announce that Plaid Cymru have set up a commission, chaired by the formidable Jocelyn Davies, to look at how Wales can become independent in the next decade.

"The arm's-length commission will undertake extensive analysis and develop effective policy to carve a clear pathway to the independence we need as a nation.

"This is a watershed moment in our country's history."

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Price will say it is "time to declare a new Welsh spirit of independence and hope by refusing to put our faith in the Westminster establishment that has failed us for so long".

The commission will look at the economic case for independence and consider the future relationships between Wales, the rest of the UK and the EU.

Davies said the commission would "critically engage with all the questions around Welsh independence such as how we can afford it, what our future international relations would look like, or what would be on the ballot paper of a Welsh independence referendum".

The commission will consult a Citizen's Assembly to inform its work, she added.