SNP-SUPPORTING students have clashed with their university’s student association in a row which could threaten their very existence.

The Aberdeen University Scottish National Association (AUSNA) was told it is not allowed to affiliate with the Aberdeen University Students Association (AUSA) as there is already an independence group on campus. No affiliation means no access to university rooms for meetings, and not being able to take part in January’s Re-Freshers Fayre where societies recruit members.

The SNP group says it is separate from Students For Independence and that supporting independence is not the same as backing Nicola Sturgeon’s domestic agenda.

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The SNP activists are frustrated that AUSA have affiliated a Students For Britain society, and allowed the Tories, LibDems and Labour to have student organisations.

Jack Gillies, the president of AUSNA said: “We’re surprised. It seems like an utterly unjustifiable decision. Especially when they’ve allowed a Students For Britain group to become affiliated this year despite there being a presence from Labour, the LibDems and the Conservatives.”

He added: “AUSNA should be allowed affiliate. We’ve got a constitution that was ratified, we’ve got a committee, we’ve got everything that they possibly want us to have to meet AUSA’s society requirements. It just seems utterly bizarre that they would reach this decision.”

An AUSA spokesman said: “Applications to affiliate as an AUSA society are considered by students on the Societies Union Committee on a monthly basis. Applications are considered based solely on the information submitted by the proposed society and considered against the criteria set out in AUSA’s by-laws.

“Where they do not meet the criteria, decisions are communicated clearly to applicants who are have the opportunity and support to reapply the following month where appropriate.”