SNP plans to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons would herald “weakness, division and paralysis”, Michael Gove has said.

The senior Tory – who twice ran for PM – made the comment as he shared yesterday’s front page of The National on Twitter. It told how the SNP could make Trident a “red line” in any post-election deal with Labour.

The National:

Gove said: “In [sic] gets worse... SNP don’t just want another indyref they also demand unilateral disarmament to guarantee Sturgeon/Corbyn rule – a recipe for weakness, division and paralysis – we must ensure a UK-hating Government never takes power.”

As of yesterday afternoon, more than 800 responses had been posted, with some expressing surprise that Gove had “woken up to find out” about the SNP’s long-standing anti-Trident policy, and another saying: “You can have your nuclear weapons if you wish – but you’re not keeping them in Scotland.”

Stewart McDonald, the SNP’s Westminster defence spokesperson, responded that “No ifs. No buts. The SNP is against nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, Labour’s Emily Thornberry said Jeremy Corbyn “has a lifelong commitment to try and rid the world of nuclear weapons as everyone should have”.

The National:

The National:

The National: The National: