Smuggled (C4, 9pm)

PART two of two. More British citizens attempt to smuggle themselves back into the country, with Funmi and Christy testing the Irish “backdoor” into the UK, while former soldier Kyle tries a lesser-known ferry route into Britain from the Netherlands. Two attempts are also made to cross the Channel directly. An arduous 22-hour slog by kayak leaves adventurer George vulnerable to both weather and shipping, while the other is by private yacht as former trafficking cop Rob seeks to prove just how undefended ports and harbours really are.

Travel Man: 48 Hours in Madrid (C4, 8.30pm)

The Spanish capital is one of the world’s most popular destinations for a short break. Richard Ayoade is keen to find out more about the City of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree and teams up with comedian Ellie Taylor for a two-day meander around Madrid, taking in culture, history, histrionics and ham. The Spanish capital is a world-class destination for art, so Ellie and Richard kick off with a guided tour of masterpieces by Goya, Bosch, Velasquez, Picasso and Dali.

Bouncers (C5, 10pm)

Marek and Greg are called to a pub after a drunk and disorderly customer is thrown out for abusing staff, but after she becomes violent and a danger to herself and others they have no choice but to restrain her and call the police. Senior bouncers Gaz and Pete are helping nightclub door staff deal with a man who has been refused entry – but what should have been a simple job turns out to be a very challenging situation.

Motherland (BBC2, 10pm)

Julia struggles to abide by the rules and clashes with Mrs Lamb as she attends her first-ever school sports day, where apparently it’s no longer acceptable to cheer for individual children and spectators can only offer generic support like “good job”. Over at the Kidiverse soft-play centre, Kevin is devastated that an important work presentation means he will miss the dads’ race.