IT’S getting harder to avoid the C word. Christmas is definitely coming. But what to get that special someone in your life?

Gucci has unveiled a cheeky little number just in time for the festive season. The printed nylon rain hood is a snip at £260 for the cheapest in the range. Or you could splash out on the premium version – a knitted model at £435, although this might get a little soggy in rainy Scotland. The sun must always shine in Gucci-land.

Little did my granny know that her rainmate was such a fashion statement.

The “creative rain web hood” (I have no idea what that means) is crafted from 3M reflective fabrics and allows the wearer protection from the elements while also offering the convenience of packing away into a matching pouch. Ground-breaking stuff.

The innovative creation comes in a collection of designs, from a floral print that features emerald and orange fabrics to a mustard yellow and black hood.

You could also opt for sporty chic-style white rain hood that features a signature red and green stripe down the centre or the knitted rain hood that is made of red and blue wool and features a blue GG detail.

But if you don’t fancy the Gucci hood as a stocking-filler, then how about £100 two-tone Joseph boots for sale at TK Maxx?

Shoppers have apparently been left baffled by these sartorial oddities that resemble “plastic hygiene covers found in an abattoir”. The designer cowboy boots have also been branded “swimming pool ready”.

Naturally, social media has been aghast. One shopper commented: “Perfect for when you want to look fancy during a foot and mouth epidemic!” Another said they were ideal for visiting a show home and “not having to worry about putting little plastic protectors on the bottom of your shoes”.

Recalling her time working in a hospital, another customer said: “I wore something like that when I worked in an isolation unit in hospital. We threw them away, if I had known I could sell them then I would be quids in.”

Many products are passed on to TK Maxx when they can’t be sold by their original retailer. Who’d have guessed it? But the blue boots are such a bargain, originally priced at £520.

The consternation at such unusual gear being on sale at the designer label store is a little surprising. When our son’s feet threatened to grow beyond size 12, I feared he was destined to forever shop for shoes on the Freaky Footwear shelves of TK Maxx. Suede mustard brogues with tassels anyone?

If you’re still struggling with your Christmas present list, worry not. Spice Girl turned fashion guru Victoria Beckham has unveiled her “little luxuries” gift guide. Emailing her recommendations to subscription clients, the list includes a £220 lighter and a £165 key ring, both designed by her. The cheapest item of the selection – described as “polished presents” – is a white T-shirt bearing the slogan “I can’t concentrate on flats” (I don’t know what this means either).

For shoppers with a little more to spend, there’s a handbag at £1550. I understand it has plenty of room to stash your Gucci rainmate and goes well with blue cowboy boots.

Really Posh.