The Apprentice (BBC1, 9pm) 
FOR this week’s task, the candidates head to a top theme park where they are challenged to create and market their own roller coaster. They will need to design and brand their new attraction for the theme park which will be turned into a 4-D ride that they then pitch to the park’s top talent. During the design process, miscommunication costs one team dearly, and later, both teams struggle as they pitch their ideas to the panel. Back in the boardroom, one of the candidates from the losing team leaves the competition.

Guilt (BBC2, 9pm) 
MAX tries to derail private detective Kenny, a drunken no-hoper who used to work for him, but the case has given the investigator the purpose he needs to get back on track. To make matters worse, Max is also dealing with threats from Walter’s neighbour Sheila, who reveals she witnessed something on the night in question. Later, Max’s wife Claire grows suspicious of his actions and cracks begin to show in their marriage. Thriller, starring Mark Bonnar, Jamie Sives, Emun Elliott, Ellie Haddington, Ruth Bradley and Sian Brooke.

Doc Martin (STV, 9pm) 
CAROLINE Quentin is reunited with her former Men Behaving Badly co-star Martin Clunes in the latest episode of the Cornwall-set drama. She plays local vet Angela Sim who consults the GP about a lump in her breast. While at the surgery, Angela comments on Buddy the dog not being himself, and later, when Buddy’s condition worsens, Martin rushes him to Angela’s clinic. There, the doc discovers Angela can barely see and diagnoses cat scratch fever. 

Robbing Your Relatives: Families at War (C5, 10pm) 
NO-ONE wants to believe that a trusted and loved family member would ever steal from them. But family fraud is on the increase, with millions of pounds being stolen from victims by their own flesh and blood. Following a two-part programme last year, this new series features more cautionary tales about what can happen when loved ones fall out over money.