WILLIE Rennie has called on “side-lined” Scottish Labour to not bother standing in the general election.

The Scottish Lib Dem leader said Richard Leonard had been so repeatedly humiliated by Jeremy Corbyn over independence and Brexit that it’d be best if he and his party just sit out next month’s vote.

Speaking while campaigning in the super-marginal constituency of North East Fife, where the SNP won by just two votes in 2017, Rennie said: “There is no point in Scottish Labour any more. On the two big issues of our time they have been humiliated and side-lined by Jeremy Corbyn.

“Scottish Labour say that they oppose another independence referendum and want to remain in the EU but they have been put in their place by Jeremy Corbyn. He told them that their policy was wrong.

“Richard Leonard and his colleagues cannot stand on a platform that they so clearly reject. Voters will not know which of them to believe: Scottish Labour or Jeremy Corbyn.

“It is utterly humiliating for Scottish Labour to be repeatedly over-ruled on such important matters. If they have any pride left they should just opt out of this election, as they will be humiliated by the voters too.”

Labour MP Ged Killen disagreed. “Roughly half of Lib Dem MPs are actually Lib Dems... stick that on your next bar chat, Willie,” he tweeted.