AT the end of a year which has seen the All Under One Banner (AUOB) group hit new heights in terms of the number of people on its marches, the organisation is changing its structure by setting up a national assembly to widen the scope of its work.

The first AUOB National Assembly will take place in Adelaide Baptist Church, Bath Street, Glasgow on Saturday, November 16, from 12.30pm to 5.30pm. One of the aims is to establish regional groups for AUOB as it plans its seven marches next year.

As has been reported, AUOB has suffered internal problems and the group and former leading member Manny Singh have gone their separate ways. Singh and colleagues have founded a similar group called the Scottish Independence Movement which will hold its first march in Glasgow on Saturday.

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AUOB founder Neil Mackay told The National: “In these fast-changing times, the political situation means anything is possible and as AUOB2020 marches will be taking place regardless of what happens, we must as a movement best prepare and organise ourselves towards making these massive national demonstrations as good as possible.

“This is why we have called for an AUOB National Assembly, with it being designed to bring in the wider Yes movement towards creating AUOB2020, as well as democratically establishing AUOB regional groups to work with our organising team for each of next year’s seven AUOB marches:

“The AUOB National Assembly on November 16 will bring as many representatives of recognizable active Yes groups in Scotland as possible into one space. To this effect we will be sending out invitations to all such Yes groups with a request to send one individual along who will be a representative for their group at the assembly.

“Next year now appears to be the year of the battle to win indyref2, so we must make collectively sure and this is what the AUOB National Assembly is all about.”