The National:

WESTMINSTER politicians are often accused of being out of touch – especially with Scotland.

Indeed, the Prime Minister has vowed to ignore the Scottish Parliament if it withholds consent for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

And both Tory and Labour Westminster leaders have pledged to block a second independence referendum – at least temporarily – despite a material change in Scotland’s circumstances courtesy of Brexit and growing support for independence.

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters, however, like to think of the Labour leader as a different breed of politician.

He is a man of the people, attentive to their concerns and struggles.

Not attentive enough, however, to realise that there is no train link to “obscure places” like Orkney.

That revelation comes from Scottish Labour Party activist Karie Murphy, Corbyn’s former chief of staff.

According to Sunday Times journalist Gabriel Pogrund, she told a town hall meeting of Labour staff: “Anyone who knows Jeremy knows he loves to go on the train to obscure places like the South West or Orkney."

Despite her apparent lack of geographical knowledge, Murphy inadvertently put Orkney on the map, with the islands soon trending on Twitter.

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