AS it becomes increasingly likely that there will be a General Election before a second independence referendum, the question of how many people in Scotland are missing from the electoral register is one that the entire Yes movement should be considering.

That’s the view of Clackmannanshire’s Women for Independence group – WFI Clacks – who have urged people across the Wee County to register to vote.

It’s a call that The National is happy to repeat after our report earlier this month on the numbers missing from local electoral rolls.

The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) said it is also concerned that the number of people registered to vote in Scotland has dropped despite the population rising and the voting age requirement being lowered.

WFI Clacks told us: “We have been out on the streets of Alloa distributing voter registration leaflets to local people.”

The ERS recently reported in The National that a staggering 890,000 Scots are missing from the local electoral roll, with the parliamentary register suffering similar “completeness” levels.

Marion Robertson of WFI Clacks said: “One of the most important elections in Scotland’s history is coming.

“We want to send an unambiguous message to Westminister that we reject the Prime Minister’s ruinous Brexit prospectus.

“Scotland voted to stay in the EU by 62%. We want to protect our right to choose our future, not have it dictated to us by an unelected Prime Minister from a party with no mandate in Scotland. So it is crucially important that all of Scotland, especially women, students, renters and young people generally are registered to vote and have their voices heard.”

WFI Clacks added: “Students are reminded that you are allowed to register twice, once at home and once at your university address. You are allowed to vote in both places in local elections. Students are allowed to vote in one place in national elections, but can choose which at the last minute.

“This link is all you need, though a National Insurance number is handy:

“WFI Clacks have paper copies of voter registration forms if you are not online. They are a friendly, non-party political group who meet every Friday at 10.30am in the Bowmar Community Centre cafe, Scott Crescent, Alloa, and every first Monday of the month at 7.15pm in No 5 Inn, 38 Brook St, Alva. Visit us @WomenforIndependenceClackmannanshire and @ClacksWFI.”

So there’s a lesson from the Wee County for the rest of the country. After all, if you are not on the electoral register you can’t vote and probably would miss the second referendum, too.