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BORIS Johnson's new Brexit deal will take Scotland out of the EU against our will.

Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal will take Scotland out of the single market and customs union against our will.

In short, Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal will be terrible for Scotland.

And so we thought it worth looking to the reaction of a group purportedly standing up for our interests at Westminster – the Scottish Tory MPs.

As you might expect, brace yourself for some top-tier hypocrisy, obsequiousness and radio silence.

We've already written about Ross Thomson's response – but it's worth repeating.

He tweeted: "Rubbish. The PM’s deal is a risk for the Union. It treats NI like a third country, leaves NI in the single market, leaves it under a foreign court and creates new customs checks on goods moving between GB and NI - A border down the Irish Sea. The @ScotTories used to oppose that."

Oops, our apologies! That tweet was actually from December 10, and was Thomson's response to Scottish Tory support for Theresa May's deal. You'll have to forgive us the error – it just transfers to this deal so neatly...

Despite that fact, his actual response to Johnson's deal was: "Well against all of the odds @BorisJohnson has secured it!

"Northern Ireland in the UK customs territory and the anti-democratic backstop abolished. Let’s #GetBrexitSorted on Saturday

"As a Unionist I’m pleased that the new deal @BorisJohnson has secured ensures that NI will be in the UK customs territory forever.

"The anti-democratic backstop has been abolished. Meaning that the people of NI will be in charge of the laws that they live by. #GetBrexitSorted"

Former Scotland Secretary David Mundell has weighed in too. He wrote: "The best way to avoid a No Deal Brexit has always been to vote for a deal and that is what I will be doing again on Saturday. Let’s see how those other Scottish MPs who claim to be against No Deal vote #Brexit"

Twitter user @IndigoFast pointed out Mundell's own words in a letter to Theresa May a while back.

Andrew Bowie MP also signalled his backing for the deal: "Everyone said we couldn't do it. We have. We have secured a deal with the EU that respects the referendum and will let us leave on good terms with our friends and partners on the continent. It is great news for businesses and the people of the whole UK."

Stephen Kerr struck a similar tone: "Boris has battled through and won us a deal from the EU, allowing us to deliver on the result of the referendum and avoid 'No deal'. Let's get Brexit sorted out. We have our chance on Saturday, and I'll be urging my colleagues to back the deal."

A key theme in their response is of "delivering" and "respecting" the referendum. Scotland voted 62% to Remain, of course.

Meanwhile, John Lamont's post, which was retweeted by Kirstene Hair, read: "There’s a deal! The vast majority of my constituents tell me they want to see #Brexit sorted. And this deal does that. The LibDem and SNP MPs who are already saying they will vote against this deal will cause further delay and are risking a No-Deal Brexit. That’s reckless."

The majority of his constituents also voted to remain in the EU.

Luke Graham has opted not to share his own thoughts on Twitter – but did retweet Jean-Claude Juncker.

Paul Masterton and Douglas Ross did similar, both retweeting a message by Financial Times journalist Sebastian Payne saying: "When @BorisJohnson  became prime minister 85 days ago, it was widely said he couldn't amend the withdrawal agreement. He did. It was also said he couldn't scrap the backstop. He did. Regardless of the politics in Westminster, it's quite the political achievement."

We know you'll be desperate to hear from David Duguid, Bill Grant, Scotland Secretary Alister Jack and Colin Clark. Alas, they've yet to share their views on social media. 

Maybe they'll be the ones to stand up for Scotland's democratic will. Or maybe not...