The National:

CAST your minds back to 2015. The Queen opened the new Parliament following the General Election. She announced the European Union Referendum Bill. The Prime Minister, a few months on, announced the Brexit vote would be held on June 23, 2016. All based on the manifesto of which party again? 

This crucial detail seems to have vanished from Tory MSP Rachael Hamilton's memory, and honestly - fair enough. The last three years have been enough for anyone to slip into voluntary amnesia. But sadly, as a public figure and representative of the Conservative Party, it does seem like she should know who put us in the current mess we're in. 

The MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire tweeted a link to her Times column about how Nicola Sturgeon wants a hard border between Scotland and England earlier (we'll get to that part later, I promise) with the caption: "Now is not the time for independence. We must reject a hard border between Scotland and England. Nicola Sturgeon should put her efforts into getting Brexit sorted."

So. Let's get this straight. A Tory MSP, who's party has been here, there and everywhere on Brexit since 2016; whose party is backing "do-or-die" Brexiteer Boris Johnson all the way; whose party literally got us into this whole Brexit mess in the first place - believes the SNP First Minister of Scotland must get "Brexit sorted"? 

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I don't REALLY think it's her responsibility, Rachael. 

One Twitter user summed the whole thing up in a perfect, concise four words. "Tory mess .... own it," they wrote.

Plus, you can't argue that Sturgeon hasn't been trying to sort Brexit out. Her MPs consistently stand up for Scotland's pro-Remain interests. The SNP have been working with all opposition parties to prevent No Deal. SNP MP Joanna Cherry led a court case to stop Johnson's undemocratic prorogation of Parliament. Etc. Etc. 

The SNP has done their bit, Rachael. When will your party do the same?

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That's not to mention the suggestion that Sturgeon wants a hard border between Scotland and England. Such nonsense!

Let us direct you towards her conference speech from just one day ago, in which she said: "We will be in the EU single market AND the closest neighbour to our friends in the rest of the UK."