The National:

BREXITEER Mark Francois was left raging during a BBC interview after he was drowned out by a pro-EU protester's "Stop Brexit!" chant.

The MP for Rayleigh and Wickford told the "idiot" to "shut up" during the live appearance.

During an interview about ongoing Brexit negotiations, the MP was asked: "What is the latest detail that you have? Are you party to any information that we haven’t heard so far?"

He responded: “Not really. We have …” before being cut off by a very loud shout of "Stop Brexit". 

He went on: “If we leave it will be delightful that this idiot will shut up.”

The journalist defended the protester, saying: “He’s exercising his democratic right. I appreciate it makes it very difficult to do an interview.”

The campaigner then screamed "revoke Article 50!".

Francois, then ignoring the chant, replied to the reporter: “We’ll have a go.”

The ERG member has previously been mocked online for suggesting his Territorial Army training would help him "win" Brexit.