The National:

GLITTERING tiaras, scarlet ermine-trimmed robes and trumpet fanfare – it must be the Queen's Speech.

With the UK careering towards Brexit in the midst of unprecedented political turmoil, the pomp and ceremony of the State Opening of Parliament was heralded by some as welcome relief.

Everyone else, however, wondered if the whole thing wasn’t a gigantic waste of time.

The speech itself was condemned by Boris Johnson’s opponents as a pre-election stunt, a “charade” and a “Tory party election broadcast”.

And let’s not forget the Government’s majority in Parliament melted away after Johnson’s appointment as PM.

Summing up the situation up was the SNP’s Joanna Cherry: “A meaningless and expensive distraction from the broken politics of Brexit Britain.”

The MP wasn’t the only one to be left thoroughly unenthused by the Queen’s address.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford tweeted: "The Queen's Speech was an election broadcast for the Tory Party more than anything else.

"A speech heavy on law & order from a Prime Minister willing to break the law."

LibDem leader Jo Swinson said: "This Queen's Speech is a charade."

Labour branded the event "farcical" and a "stunt".

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Social media users were also unimpressed.

ITV's Robert Peston said it was: "Not really a Queen’s Speech, more Boris Johnson’s “Dear Santa.”

Journalist Ian Dunt described it as "a legislative agenda the government has no intention to pursue, no majority to pass, and no capacity to deliver". 

Here are a few of the best responses on Twitter...