NICOLA Sturgeon will tell Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn not to “even pick up the phone” after a general election without a commitment to enabling indyref 2.

The First Minister is expected to deliver her stark warning during the SNP’s conference in Aberdeen, which gets underway today.

Polls suggest the SNP could pick up enough seats in an imminent election to make it a decisive force in a hung parliament.

In the strongest statement yet on the issue, Sturgeon will say to Labour: “If you don’t respect Scotland’s right to choose our own future at a time of our own choosing, don’t even bother picking up the phone.”

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Ahead of the conference, Sturgeon has also claimed there is a risk of falling into a “unionist trap” if the SNP pursued independence through a route other than a referendum agreed by Westminster.

A fresh attempt to hold a debate on a “Plan B” if the Government does not agree to transfer the necessary powers to Holyrood will be made at conference today.

MP Angus MacNeil and senior councillor Chris McEleny have been trying to get the issue on the agenda, with the proposal that a

pro-independence majority at the next election would act as a direct mandate for independence negotiations to begin.

McEleny will now push for a debate to take place at conference using a technical procedure as it opens.

Senior SNP MSP Alex Neil has also suggested the SNP winning the Holyrood election in 2021 could potentially allow the SNP to begin independence negotiations – but only if the UK government continued to refuse consent for a referendum.

A new poll published today in the Sunday National has suggested a majority of Yes voters back the idea of the SNP having some form of Plan B.

However Sturgeon, who will close conference with a speech on Tuesday, has argued there is a “perfectly good” Plan A – and that deviating from the path of having a legal independence referendum would be a miscalculation welcomed by opponents."

She said: “To be clear, if we were to try to hold a referendum that wasn’t recognised as legal and legitimate – or to claim a mandate for independence without having demonstrated majority support for it – it would not carry the legal, political and diplomatic weight that is needed.

“It simply wouldn’t be accepted by the international community, including our EU friends and partners.”

The conference will open today with a speech from SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, who will challenge Johnson to “bring on” a general election.

He is expected to say it is the only option to end the Brexit chaos and “put back power in the hands of the people.”

He said: “We have already seen in the latest polls that support for independence is growing – as is support for an independence referendum.

“Those same polls show that a majority of people across the UK, not just Scotland, believe that we have the right to decide our own future.”

He added: “We have the mandate, we have a majority in Parliament and we’ve absolutely got the momentum.

“And no one – not Boris Johnson – not Jeremy Corbyn, not anyone – has any democratic right to block that decision from being made.

“But if the Tories are so scared of putting Scotland’s future into the hands of Scotland’s people, if they are determined to prevent us taking that democratic step – then the right to decide Scotland’s future will be at the heart of the next election campaign.

“Because if what it takes for any UK Government to listen, is for us to re-affirm the democratic mandate of the Scottish Parliament that we already have by winning a majority of Scotland’s Westminster seats then I say this to the Prime Minister ... Bring it on.”Topics being discussed today include the environment, post office closures and arms sales to Saudi Arabia.