Here are the picks of tonight's TV...

The Channel Tunnel – Life On The Inside (BBC2, 7.30pm)

BACK in May, the Channel Tunnel celebrated its 25th anniversary. This new series meets the people who toil behind the scenes to keep it on track. However, there are also new challenges looming. The first episode asks how Brexit will affect this link between Britain and continental Europe and finds out how the staff are dealing with the potential problems that could arise.

Your Home Made Perfect (BBC2, 8pm)

IN most makeover shows, the people whose homes are being transformed must put their faith in the designers and trust that they’ll like the finished rooms. But if you’ve seen this series before, you’ll know they already have a pretty good idea what they are going to end up with. Presenter Angela Scanlon uses cutting-edge virtual reality and visual effects to show homeowners two radically different plans for their properties, before they decide which one they want to construct for real. In this edition, we meet Helen and Rob who are working on the transformation of their terraced house in St Albans.

The Science Of Sleep: How To Sleep Better (Channel 5, 9pm)

DR Amir Khan and Gaby Roslin conclude their investigation into our sleep patterns by looking at the cases of a woman who has restless leg syndrome and a man who has had chronic insomnia for 20 years. The sleep deprivation experiment also continues and the team sets up a mini casino to test for risky behaviour, pain resistance and emotional control. As the subjects reach the final hours of the challenge, the experiment begins to take its toll, with one of the the participants threatening to quit.

The Apprentice (BBC1, 9pm)

FOR the second task of the competition, the contestants are challenged to create and sell their own range of ice lollies, pitching one product to a corporate client and selling another to the public. In the kitchen, one team decides to opt for risky ingredients, while on the other side, a last-minute switch leads to a tough corporate meeting. After the aspiring apprentices discover who is victorious, one of the losers will be shown the door by Alan Sugar before facing that notorious taxi ride home.