The National:

IT'S often said the Tories and LibDems have particularly little separating them – and James Cleverly seems determined to prove this is the case.

Jo Swinson's party may be the ones more associated with dodgy graphs, but it's the Tory MP making a contribution to the field this time.

Cleverly decided to step up to the plate with his explanation of why Brexit should not be delayed.

His evidence was about as strong as you've come to expect from Boris Johnson's Brexiteers, so brace yourself.

The Tory Party chairman tweeted: "Why 'more time' doesn’t actually help 'get a deal'. We want a new deal, will leave with no deal if we have to, but no more delays. #GetBrexitDone."

Accompanying that text was the below graph.

Decisiveness on the y-axis, time on the x-axis. No other labels. This is Tory science at its finest.

Twitter users had plenty of fun pointing out the ridiculousness of the graph.

And if him being named "Cleverly" wasn't ridiculous enough, he's the MP for Braintree...