Disclosure: The Seduction Industry (BBC1, 8.30pm)

GAME is a multi-million-pound global industry selling men pick-up techniques to get women from the street into bed as quickly as possible. Reporter Myles Bonnar goes undercover at a seduction ‘bootcamp’ and finds teenagers being approached. Some of the advice dished out seems to blur the lines of consent.

The investigation also reveals women being secretly filmed in the street and even in the bedroom, then recordings being posted online.

What Britain Buys and Sells in a Day (BBC2, 9pm)

THE team looks at the seafood trade, with Ed Balls finding out how the cargo hub at Heathrow is a crucial link in Britain’s supply chain and going behind the scenes of the airport operations centre to witness how delays can affect it. Cherry Healey is in the Highlands to find out why the world is so fond of salmon farmed there and fishes for langoustine on Loch Fyne, while Ade Adepitan travels to Iceland to catch one of Britain’s favourite type of fish and unravels the story of the Cod Wars.

A Confession (STV, 9pm)

KAREN takes her fight for justice all the way to Downing Street, but it proves fruitless – the chance of seeing her daughter’s killer stand trial is seemingly impossible. Fulcher’s scandalous actions cost him his position on the police force and see him forced to leave the country, only able to find work as a security consultant in African hotspots. Last in the series.

Ian Hislop’s Fake News: A True Story (BBC4, 9pm)

THE Have I Got News for You team captain and Private Eye editor explores dishonest news reporting over the past 200 years. He uncovers a story from 1835 in which strange creatures were supposedly sighted on the moon and investigates how the rivalry between Press barons Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst may have contributed to an actual war. Ian also looks at the influence of technology, from early trick photography to modern deepfakes, and profiles the owner of a Washington pizza parlour who has been on the receiving end of one of the modern world’s most infamous conspiracy theories.