The National:

THERE'S been some cracking comedy and satire come out of this year's Tory conference.

Yesterday we had the new trailer for The Thick of It starring the hilarious character actor Boris Johnson as a party leader way out of his depth. 

Then, Home Secretary Priti Patel gave us some chilling satirical commentary when she grinned brightly as she told UK citizens she'd take away their right to freedom of movement. 

Then there was the claim that MSP Michelle Ballantyne could be the next Scottish Tory leader. What a stinging comment on how in the modern world constant scandals can actually boost the careers of Conservatives. Banksy wishes he could create something that powerful. 

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But Alister Jack's contribution really takes the biscuit. 

The Scottish Secretary told Tory Party delegates we should have a "Union day" bank holiday to replace one of the "left-wing" ones we have now. 

At least we hope that's a joke. And the same goes for the others. It would certainly be a sad state of affairs if these were actually real-life things going on ...

Anyway, if he really plans to do this, I'll really miss all those left-wing bank holidays. 

At least I'll always have the memories of me and my lovely family getting together every year to reclaim the means of production on Marx Day ...