INDEPENDENCE campaigners in Inverclyde say they won’t be silenced by a faeces slinging vandal who attacked a Yes campaign hub.

Activists were disgusted last week when their premises on Newton Street, Greenock, was defiled in what they believe was a targeted attack.

It’s thought the sick act took place between 3pm on Thursday last week and 10.45am the following morning.

Police are currently investigating, and hope CCTV may be able to shed some light on the circumstances of the night in question.

Though the shop only opened in July, it has become well known, and campaigners are in no doubt that, if this was a criminal act, then the person responsible knew exactly who they were.

Tom Tracy and wife Carol Ann told the Greenock Telegraph they were disgusted.

Tom commented: “It’s absolutely disgusting. I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with my politics. That’s always going to be the case, but to stoop to that level is


“It does worry me,” continued Tracy. “It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that in my 50 years in politics. Hopefully it’s a one-off. That’s what the police said too, and they are going to keep an eye on it.”

CCTV footage from the area is now being examined by officers.

Tom added: “As volunteers in the shop we give out information to anybody who’s interested in hearing our side of the independence argument.

“It’s just horrible for somebody to stoop so low to do that and leave it for other people to clean up. It’s disgusting.”

Local SNP MP Ronnie Cowan said he was disappointed that the Yes shop had been “targeted by disgusting vandals. “

He added: “In these dark days of Westminster skulduggery we are proud to be maintaining free speech in Scotland.

“We will not be silenced by such crude tactics.”

Inverclyde was a key battleground in the 2014 referendum. Independence activists on the ground were sure it would be a win.

Instead Yes took 49.9% of the vote, with No on 50.1%.