EARLIER this year, The National exclusively revealed the formation of a new organisation combining the various Yes groups in the ancient Kingdom of Fife and environs.

Fife Plus for Independence is a collaborative gathering of Yes groups across Fife, from Tayport to Kincardine, and also north to Kinross and west to Clackmannanshire.

The group formed in spring with the intention of meeting to learn from each other and share best practice, for example in Yes Hubs, running campaigns and keeping activists engaged.

They meet every month or two and are a voting organisation in the Scottish Independence Convention.

Now, Fife Plus for Independence is being even more innovative by holding an event which will focus on ‘Effective Campaigning to achieve independence’.

Fife Plus for Independence told us: “We are holding a learning event on Saturday September 21, from 9.30am to 4:30pm at Dunfermline High School in Jennie Rennie’s Road.

"The event Effective Campaigning ... to achieve independence is being organised to empower participants to drive Yes and to have better conversations that move people from No to Yes.

“We want people to be inspired, motivated and energised by the event."

There are offering an "exciting and varied programme" throughout the day, complete with speakers and activities.

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They announced: “Hardeep Singh Kohli will talk on ‘big enough, rich enough, smart enough’, while Kirstein Rummery will present ‘A vision for a new Scotland.

“Craig Dalzell of Common Weal will talk on ‘how to set up an independent country’, and Cailyn McMahon will speak on the topic Our Time Is Now - Independence, Climate Change and the Next Generation."

“The workshops will cover a wide range of topics e.g. Scottish currency; immigration and integration; pensions; engaging non-voters; Citizen’s Assemblies; etc.

“A full list is on the Eventbrite event page and participants will be invited to choose two workshops when ordering tickets. There will be a mix of learning from experts, then practice framing the messages.

“We are delighted that facilitators joining us will include Gail Hendry, Iain Black, Common Weal, Craig Dalzell, Jerry Moriarty, Maggie Chapman, Sid Akbar, Siobhan Tolland, Stephan Hoggan and Tim Rideout.

“The wonderful YES photographers will be there to take photographs of the event for their Portraits of a Nation series.”

“Refreshments and a snack lunch are included and tickets are available via the Eventbrite web site.”