TONIGHT in Dundee the latest presentation of The National Roadshow will take place in the city’s Boomerang Community Centre in Kemback Street.

Hosted by Dundee and Angus Indy Group, admission is free but please sign up for a ticket at Eventbrite via this link.

The National is the only daily newspaper in Scotland which supports Scottish independence, a state of affairs which we think is a disgrace. But we are determined to be unique, both in our coverage of the Yes movement as a whole and because we believe in meeting and talking to our readers.

The National Roadshow has been criss-crossing Scotland for over two years now, and unlike every other Scottish newspaper, our editor Callum Baird meets and greets would-be readers and gains ideas from them – Minister for Chaos Michael Gove is not our biggest fan but admitted when he was in Glasgow last year that the Roadshow is something every newspaper editor should try.

We will also have a genuine star attraction in attendance tonight – the Wee Ginger Dug. An immigrant from Valencia in Spain, the Dug is happy to pose for pictures with his fans.

His significant human Paul Kavanagh will give his usual entertaining and insightful view on the state of the nation and our road to independence before the question and answer session which is always a highlight.

Callum Baird said: “It’s been years since The National Roadshow travelled to Dundee – and so much has changed since then.

“We’re on the verge of a second independence referendum and about to crash out of the EU – with Scotland’s voice consistently ignored at every stage of the process.

“So there’s plenty to talk about! It’s also been an exciting time for The National, with our new Sunday edition, podcasts, 10,000 Steps campaign and much more driving us into the perfect position for indyref2.

“If you have any questions about the paper or some feedback on what we’re doing then please come along. We want to hear from you!”