PLANS are well under way for the Forward as One march and rally in Dunfermline on Saturday, August 31.

The ancient capital of Scotland will welcome thousands of people from Fife and beyond for an event which is now in its third year.

The organisers have issued a rallying call: “Come on over to Dunfermline and enjoy the march and rally for independence.

“An easy walk for the elderly as 95% downhill and the stage will be five minutes away from Dunfermline Abbey, the resting place of Robert The Bruce.

“Hope to see you all there on the 31st August, 2019.”

The march assembles from 10.30am to 12pm at Viewfield Terrace in Dunfermline, just off Eastport and High Street.

The march moves to Pittencrieff Park at 12pm, and the rally commences at 1pm in the park.

The organisers Forward as One state: “Everything is in place now, all going ahead as planned. Only thing left to do is thank all who are coming. It’s a great venue and the sound stage for the musicians and speakers is awesome.

“Bring your flags, European, English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish etc.

"Wherever you hail from, all are welcome if you support indy2 and the end to this Disunited Kingdom."

On the day Police Scotland will be working to ensure the safety and security of participants, and Forward as One have paid the police a fine tribute.

They stated: “One of the great things we have experienced in Dunfermline is the awesome policing methods officers from Fife Police Division employ when they act in their role as peace officers for our events.

“Their presence is clear and you can see them from a mile off with their bright jackets and yet it is also non-invasive, relaxed and puts everyone at ease.

“Their role begins at the start of the march at assembly time, supporting marshals in ensuring safe areas on the road for assembling inline with pre-approved planning and traffic restriction orders.

“They operate the series of rolling roadblocks to allow the march to pass down the high street to the park without risk of a pedestrian and vehicles meeting, keeping everyone safe on the route.

“They ensure the right of others to counter-protest while also ensuring the safety of everyone enjoying the march, and once inside the park, they adopt a very relaxed policing approach simply moving around the crowd and making themselves available to attendees and the public with any questions.

“We’ve got a lot to thank the police in Fife for in the previous two years, and heading into the third annual event, we want to take a moment to thank them for the job they do and to say we look forward to seeing them again this year.”