Save Money: Good Health (STV, 7.30pm)

WITH pollen season in full force, Dr Ranj gets the lowdown on the latest hayfever treatments. What are the active ingredients we should be checking for to get the best for our money? The team also shops around for treatments for an embarrassing problem that will affect one in four of us over our lifetimes: athlete’s foot. Plus, the Good Housekeeping Institute gives allergen-busting tips for around the home to combat dust mites, and the essential weekly guide to vitamin and mineral supplements continues with iron.

Inside the Factory (BBC2, 8pm)

GREGG Wallace visits a croissant factory in France that produces 336,000 pastries a day, and discovers how an 83-year-old strain of yeast is used to create the perfect flavour. Cherry Healey talks to a professor who specialises in exploring human senses about the perfect way to eat a croissant and visits a farm that produces concentrated butter that is 99.8% fat.

Plus, Ruth Goodman is in Paris investigating the croissant’s surprising Austrian origins.

Keeping Faith (BBC1, 9pm)

EVAN’S release from prison draws ever closer, and the return of her husband brings conflicting emotions for Faith and her family. The lawyer struggles with the demands of her growing feelings for Steve and doing what is best for her children. DI Breeze continues to pile the pressure on Evan as he awaits his freedom, and a phone call from PC Williams delivers an unwelcome new lead in Madlen’s case. The Wales-set legal drama continues. Starring Eve Myles, Bradley Freegard, Rhashan Stone and Eiry Thomas.

The Chefs’ Brigade (BBC2, 9pm)

JASON Atherton takes the chefs to Cadiz in southern Spain, a city famous for its seafood. The brigade must cook for a restaurant that has been run by the same family for 50 years, and is adored by locals and tourists alike. Jason must encourage the chefs to appreciate local traditions.