A TRANSGENDER women’s lingerie brand claims to have launched the world’s first underwear range that has been designed especially for transgender children.

GI Collection, a transgender clothing, beauty and fashion brand say it “stands proud at the forefront of innovation” with its latest announcement.

Its “boundary-breaking” underwear range designed by founder Carmen Liu wants to make it clear that transgender people of all ages deserve to be treated the same as everyone else.

Liu, herself a trans woman, is “committed to making high-quality clothes” for this demographic.

The Carmen Liu Kids range of undergarments will target younger range of this population and aims to allow trans children to “feel like they belong within their own body at a young age”

Set to launch one underwear range for trans girls, the Carmen Liu Kids brand will feature patented technology which it says is “designed especially for the unique needs of trans girls and their bodies.”

Carmen Liu Kids aims to fuel a shift, helping to address the way transgender people grow up, and tackling identity issues from a young age.

However, the niche firm did not specify what age ranges would be available.

In a statement, the company said: "Despite elements of progress over the last few years, transgender people are still shunned from society and discriminated against unfairly.

"They often lack psychological and emotional support when it comes to making the transition.

“Everyone should be offered the basic right of unrestrictive clothing – and transgender children are no exception.

“While other brands design garments which are ill-fitting and uncomfortable for transgender people, GI Collection produce revolutionary, fashionable items which promote body-confidence and high self-esteem.”

It said the line comes as "a stark contrast to the limited choice of products currently on the market, which can prevent transgender women feeling like the women that they are”.

GI Collection’s original launch in February 2019 sold out within days, which it says, proves that there is a strong demand for products tailored towards its core market.