IN the week that a shock poll has shown that the cause of independence is gaining ground across Scotland, it is pleasing for us at the Yes DIY hub to report that local groups are finding the kind of response that make us think a second referendum will be successful. We were particularly pleased to hear from Dumfries and Galloway English Scots for Yes who took their Mobile Indy Hub on a trip to Prestwick.

They told us: “D&G English Scots for Yes had a very successful stall at the Prestwick Promenade Celebrations last Saturday as part of our regular activities to fly the St George’s Cross in pursuit of Scottish independence.”

Regional organiser John Schofield said: “D&G English Scots were delighted to attend this local gala, and we were very warmly welcomed by local Yes groups. English Scots have never had such a busy stall at any event. We strongly reinforced our message that, with so many local English Scot members, the desire for Scottish independence is not an anti-English sentiment but a question of who runs Scotland – Holyrood or Westminster?

“We engaged with many, many locals and clearly stated that Brexit will be a disaster for the Scottish economy and our leaflet contrasted the Scottish and English NHS.

“English Scots believe that Scotland, as a medium-sized European country, with a GDP larger than New Zealand, Italy, Japan, and Spain, and with 34% of the UK natural resources, is big enough to stand on its own two feet.

“We travelled in our new Mobile Indy Hub, which D&G English Scots as well as D&G Pensioners for Independence recently crowdfunded for.”

Also on Saturday, a new group was launched in Alloa. Scottish Football Fans for Yes (SFFFY) hosted their first information stall supporting Scottish self-determination in Alloa town centre.

They told us: “This group is made up of supporters from the vast majority of senior Scottish clubs. You can visit their Facebook page and join with them as they campaign all across the country throughout the new league season.

Chick Hosie from Yes Partick Thistle explained: “People might not be comfortable with politics being brought into football, however it is already involved and the hegemony and power structures within our game are pro-Unionist and this needs to be challenged.

“We are simply offering a voice and a forum for Scottish football fans who support independence to band together for a common cause, put old rivalries and ancient feuds behind us and campaign together highlighting the many positives of indy to their fellow fans.”

Good luck to them all.