1 Regular Music is really knocking it out the park at Kelvingrove Bandstand in Glasgow, which have been nothing short of stupendous. Opening with Burt Bacharach performing the gig of a lifetime apparently, last week saw Suede and the Queen of Cool herself Patti Smith. This week sees another of my teenage dreams take the boards ... Iain McCulloch, Mr Gorge himself, with Echo and The Bunnymen on Thursday. Doors at 6:30pm … bring on the dancing horses. Ticket info via www.summernights.twickets.co.uk

2 Slavery, Scotland’s Shame. An audience with David Hayman. I love love love David Hayman, a true working-class hero. Tonight he is talking about his recent trip to Jamaica with Graham Campbell, Glasgow’s very own Rasta Councillor. It’s Jamaican Independence Day and knowing these two as I do, this stairhead rammy/intellectual chat will end up in a local hostelry, downing a dark and stormy or five. Free, Tuesday, Glasgow City Chambers, 6pm-8.30pm.

3 Now my lights shines on Auld Reekie, as Edinburgh has its own version of Summer Sessions and this Saturday night sees one of the best bands of all time in Princes Street Gardens. Yes it’s Primal Scream joined by the nicest man in music Johnny Marr. Go on. Get your rocks off Saturday, 6pm onwards. £50 at https://www.smmrsessions.com/edinburgh/tickets

4 One of Scotland’s finest compere/comediennes’ the legendary Viv Gee (she taught Kevin Bridges and Des McLean how to be funny. No joke) hosts Icebreaker Comedy Night in Dundee at Henry’s Coffee House on Saturday at 8pm. Tickets £7 at Eventbrite. Go see this legend whilst you can still afford to. Left-wing, indy-supporting feminist comedy genius for under a tenner.

5 The man who saved the world (several times over) Jack Bauer himself is off to Aberdeen. Well his alter ego, Hollywood superstar and acting royalty Keifer Sutherland … Yes, you read that properly, you’re not going mad … He is playing the Beach Balllroom in Aberdeen on Tuesday £36. Tickets at https://www.seetickets.com/event/kiefer-sutherland

6 Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone, the film and in Concert at The Usher Hall performed by the Czech Symphony Orchestra. What a fabulous treat for the Potter fan in your life (and don’t we all have at least one Potter fan in our lives? I have several.) Be they Hufflepuff or Gryffindor a ticket for this will win you big house points. From £32 at https://www.seetickets.com/event/harry-potter-and-the-philosopher-s-stone-tm-/usher-hall/1387475

7 How Govanhill defeated the blackshirts. A talk given by the undeniable Scottish expert on Holocaust Education Studies, Professor Henry Maitles (my one time tutor and the man who inspired me to political activism). He will shine a light on a little-known piece of Govanhill history, as Jewish, youth and workers’ organisations allied to mobilise opposition to stop the fascists from marching on our streets. Hear how grass roots campaigning challenged the British Union of Fascists across Scotland to ensure it was not able to grow. As fascism and racism are on the rise again, this is a crucial lesson for today. Free. Wednesday 6pm at Govanhill Housing Association at 79 Coplaw Street, Glasgow.