THE All Under One Banner group in Wales has announced plans for a third march for independence – after an impressive 10,000 people turned out for its event in Caernarfon in the north of the country on Saturday.

AUOB Cymru, which held its first march in Cardiff in May, will now head for Merthyr Tydfil in the South Wales valleys on September 7, following its weekend success.

Caernarfon march organiser Siôn Jobbins said: “We saw thousands of people come here from all parts of Wales for the march and they obviously see that Wales can do a better job by itself and be independent of Westminster.”

Speakers in Caernarfon included Scottish comedian and political activist Hardeep Singh Kohli.

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In Merthyr, the line-up will feature Welsh football legend and activist Neville Southall.

The former Everton goalkeeper said: “If Wales is to reach its full potential it needs to be funded properly. Unfortunately we as a nation will never get the money it needs from Westminster.

“We are like a modern-day Oliver Twist condemned to keep going back with our begging bowls, asking for more for the NHS, the police, the fire service, the armed services, education and social services.

“We need to shape our own futures. We have, in my opinion, the most beautiful country in the world full of passionate, clever, innovative people. We need to give these people the resources to make this brilliant country of ours world leaders.

“It’s time to let this dragon breath fire. Independence can set the dragon free.”

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