SCOTTISH Tory MSP Oliver Mundell has set out his reasons for supporting Boris Johnson in the Tory leadership race.

Mundell, who represents Dumfriesshire, made the comments in a post on ConservativeHome.

He said it was the former foreign secretary who would “deliver Brexit quickly” – and prevent Scotland’s independence.

Mundell told his fellow Tories that without Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn could get into No 10 with the support of Nicola Sturgeon, with indyref2 to follow.

He wrote: “As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will deliver for our whole United Kingdom. The worst thing that could possibly happen to our Union is to allow Jeremy Corbyn, likely propped up by the SNP, into Number 10. The surest way for this to happen is to fail to deliver Brexit by October 31. With Jeremy Corbyn signalling that he is willing to allow a second independence referendum, we just can’t take the risk.”

The MSP said that Jeremy Hunt could “give aid and succour” to those who want indyref2, citing a statement in which Hunt mentioned the possibility of a fresh vote on Brexit.

Despite Scotland voting overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, he said that it was only Johnson who would “enact the instruction given to us by voters”.

Mundell said: “Boris Johnson is now the only candidate who will deliver Brexit on time on October 31. In doing so, he will enact the instruction given to us by the voters in 2016 and will restore public trust in our democracy. As one of over a million Scots to vote for Brexit, I know just how important this is to people and I understand why many people wanted to make their voice heard at the recent EU Elections.”