COULD David Mundell be on the brink of resigning?

The Secretary of State for Scotland is due to visit Theresa May in Number 10 this afternoon to raise concerns over her proposal to give MPs a vote on having a second EU referendum.

Mundell is reportedly concerned that May’s new “bold” Brexit offer to MPs, which would allow Westminster to decide on a second Brexit referendum, could be exploited by the SNP.

Downing Street has consistently said that now is not the time for a new independence vote.

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That’s despite MSPs voting in 2017 to give the Scottish Government a mandate to request a Section 30 order, which transfers the power to hold another referendum to Holyrood.

According to ITN, Mundell asked for an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister.

Paul Brand from the broadcaster tweeted: “He is not acting in co-ordination with other cabinet ministers but the expectation is that this is going to be a conversation about her future.”

Robert Peston added: "I am told the reason @DavidMundellDCT is furious with the PM and has asked to see her is that her apparent openness to a another Brexit referendum is seen by him as a betrayal, because it would open the door to and legitimise another referendum on Scottish independence."

SNP MP Stewart McDonald tweeted: “A Cabinet Minister with any gravitas would’ve made this point before the policy is announced to the world.

“It’s a sign of how little he is thought of by his superiors that David Mundell goes to the Prime Minister about this 24 hours late.”