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THE Tories can’t do it. Labour can’t do it. But a German supermarket chain can.

Lidl has been hit with a wave of gratitude from Scots on social media after doing what the UK’s biggest parties have long failed to do – stand up for Scotland.

A tweet by the supermarket’s UK account has gone viral after it hit back at rival Aldi – which suggested that it had invented the square sausage on Tuesday.

Promoting its “sausedge” on Twitter, Aldi claimed the “patty-shaped pork has been designed to fit perfectly into sandwiches,” adding that it “allows hungry customers to throw together a butty without spending ages cutting up bangers”.

Eagle-eyed Scots quickly pointed out, however, that their ingenious creation looked somewhat familiar.

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Discount chain rivals Lidl were keen to ensure that Aldi received all the praise that they deserved.

Helpfully suggesting other things Aldi could take credit for, Lidl GB tweeted: “Things Aldi also claim to have invented:
1. Irn Bru
2. Haggis
3. The Proclaimers
4. Yer Da Selling Avon”

Its fair to say the response went down well with Scots – with several famous names chipping in.

Runrig added a fifth suggestion to Lidl’s list:

Game of Thrones star Daniel Portman voiced his approval:

MP Gavin Newlands added: 

Aldi tried, in vain, to wriggle free of the controversy. 

Here a few more of the best replies: