Bear’s Mission with David Walliams,
STV, 9pm

THE actor, author and Britain’s Got Talent judge teams up with Bear Grylls for an adventure which pushes him to his limits in Devon. David Walliams has to throw a self-inflating life raft off the top of a 200ft drop so they can cross a freezing cold lake. However, that doesn’t go to plan. He also prepares a menu of dead rat for dinner. Plus, David reveals how he first suffered from depression as a teenager, and speaks of the need for men in particular not to be ashamed of asking for help.

Years and Years,
BBC1, 9pm

YEARS and Years follows the Lyons, a busy Manchester family, over the course of 15 years. When we meet them, it’s 2019, Rosie (Ruth Madeley) has given birth to a son, and brothers Stephen (Rory Kinnear) and Daniel (Russell Tovey) are gathering at the bedside with grandmother Muriel (Anne Reid) to wonder what life will be like for little Lincoln. But at the same time, politician Vivienne Rook (Emma Thompson) is causing a scandal on live TV. And then the action shifts to 2024 ...

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life,
BBC2, 9pm

CONSULTANT neurosurgeon Ismail Ughratdar has just minutes to operate to save the life of a 64-year-old woman who has a bleed on the brain after falling. Blood is accumulating and putting pressure on her brain is very likely to lead to permanent disability or death unless Ismail can perform a craniotomy to alleviate the pressure in time. And when a motorcyclist is rushed in by helicopter, consultant general surgeon Catherine Powell must decide whether to operate on his internal bleeding.

On Assignment,
STV, 11.05pm

RAGESH Omaar returns with the current affairs programme. James Mates looks at Hungary’s political swing to the right ahead of the European elections and learns how its Prime Minister has passed a law that makes it a criminal offence to assist asylum seekers in filing an application. John Irvine visits Egypt’s new £35 billion capital city, the first phase of which is set to open this year but for now is still under construction. Finally, Nina Nannar is in Hollywood to report on the stuntwomen pushing for more recognition in the film industry.