I NOTE that this month the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund has reached $2000 billion and the interest it received in the last year was £82bn, which alone is more than the total Scottish annual budget.

Each Norwegian citizen is worth $200,000 and their pensions are double those in the UK. There has been more oil produced from Scottish waters than from Norway yet we do not have a single penny in an oil fund and UK pensions are the poorest in the developed world, according to the OECD.

The enormous wealth produced so far from Scottish waters has been totally squandered by Westminster with absolutely nothing saved for future generations, and although there is at least 50 years of massive oil production to come, Scotland is routinely told by Unionists that we are too poor to be independent and are only supported by the “broad shoulders” of the UK.

The story of the UK oil industry will be viewed by future historians as the probably the most disgraceful waste of a nation’s wealth ever recorded.

James Duncan