Alyn Smith 

The National:

This European election is our most important ever and I’ll lead it from the front if you’ll back me. We have a chance to shine, by sending a strong team of MEPs back to Brussels to defend Scotland’s place in Europe and to build the case for independence in Europe.

Brexit has jolted a lot of people previously unconvinced by independence in their attitudes to where our best future lies.  Similarly across the EU, many people who were cold to us in 2014 are open to us now.

Margaret Ferrier 

The National:

I am a highly visible and tireless campaigner for the SNP and Scotland and my political experience includes former MP, current member of the NEC, an elected Community Councillor and a prominent activist for by-elections throughout Scotland.

With such a short window of opportunity to make an impact in the European Union I believe my experience, work ethic and high record of contributions at Westminster would be invaluable in making Scotland’s voice heard. If elected, I would work with the same vigour and passion I have shown in all my political dealings to ensure that Scotland continues to be a recognisable force within the European Union.

Dr Aileen Macleod

The National:

My commitment to protecting Scotland’s place in Europe, making sure Scotland stays inside the EU and securing Scotland’s independence is at the heart of my ambition to become one of your SNP MEPs. While a People’s Vote remains key, our representation in the EP must also reflect the commitment of our ultimate goal of independence in Europe. I worked in the EP with Alyn Smith MEP (2004-09), stood in the 2009 European elections as number 3 on the SNP list, served as an MSP in the Scottish Parliament (2011-16) and as a Minister in the Scottish Government. I fully understand how the EU works and know how to represent Scotland’s European interests and ambitions at that level. 

Christian Allard 

The National:

I am today an elected councillor at Aberdeen City Council. In 2013, I put my name forward for the 2014 European elections, before I was called to serve as a Member of the Scottish Parliament. Ensuring that our rural and fishing communities are getting all the support they need has been a big part of my work. To respond to Brexit, I seek your support to represent you in the European Parliament. We can send a powerful message by choosing a French national to stand up for Scotland in Europe.

Alexander Kerr

The National:

I’m delighted to be the youngest SNP candidate in this election - fighting for Scotland’s right to remain in the EU as an independent country and for the rights of our young people as European citizens. 
Brexit was a complete betrayal of young people and an attempt to silence our voice. 

As a member of the European Parliament I will always be an advocate for young people and their rights as European citizens. 

In 2016 we made our view clear and still we are being dragged out of the EU against our will. 

Independence gives us a chance to choose our own path and make decisions that are in the interests of the people of Scotland. 

Heather Anderson

The National:

As a councillor in a rural local authority, I see the importance of the EU to our food, our farms and our rural economy. Europe buys 70% of our food and drink exports. Scotland’s farmers rely on European CAP support, tariff free export markets and labour.

As an organic farmer, I support all the work the EU does to protect our environment and wildlife, maintain our animal welfare standards and mitigate climate change. I don’t welcome deregulation and hormone injected beef. Our key task is ensuring Scotland’s continued membership of the EU. Our immediate task is to encourage everyone to vote and send a clear message to both Europe and Westminster that Scotland’s future is at the heart of Europe.