UNION Jackery knows no bounds – as readers of The National will be aware – but even the Germans are getting in on the act.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the tail lights on the Mini range, manufactured by BMW, feature a Union Jack and, if you don’t want one, it could cost as much as £600 to have it removed.

Tricia Ronaldson, from Edinburgh, who was contemplating a new car at Eastern Mini, in Newbridge, told us: “I wanted to get a new Mini but I didn’t like the Union Jack on the lights and told the salesman so.

“He then informed me it would cost £600 to have it removed.

“It’s a piece of nonsense advertising the Union in the first place, so suffice to say he lost a sale.”

The National spoke to Eastern Mini, where a spokesperson said: “It [the Union Jack] is a standard part of the car and while prices vary depending on the franchise, it will cost around £600 at the customer’s expense for us to remove it.”

We have now approached BMW for comment.