JOHN Bercow has caused an almighty row in the Commons after snubbing Brexiteer attempts to kill off a People’s Vote.

MPs are due to vote tonight on a government motion to delay Brexit until June 30, but only on the condition that the Commons approve Theresa May's Brexit deal in another meaningful vote by 20 March.

There were several amendments to the government motion tabled by MPs, but the Speaker only chose four to be voted on.

One from a cross-party group of senior backbenchers, which is likely to pass, would allow the House of Commons to have a number of indicative votes.

That amendment, backed by Labour, Tories and SNP MPs, says it is designed “to enable the House of Commons to find a way forward that can command majority support”.

In the Commons David Lidington, May’s de-facto deputy, tried to kill off the amendment, and avoid another government defeat, by promising the government would allow “indicative votes” to allow MPs to agree an alternative approach if no deal is passed by the time of the EU summit starting next Thursday. 

He said: “I can confirm today that in such a scenario the government, having consulted the usual channels at that time, would facilitate a process in the two weeks after the March European council to allow the house to seek a majority on the way forward.

“But we should be clear about the consequences if that were to happen. If we are in the world of a longer extension, for this house to come to a decision, then we will be required as a condition to hold European parliamentary elections in May.”

Another, submitted by Sarah Wollaston of the Independent Group, will see MPs voting on a second referendum for the first time.

Bercow infuriated Brexiteer MPs by rejecting their amendment calling for a “divisive and expensive” second EU referendum to be ruled out.

After complaints, Bercow told the Commons: "It is not uncommon for an MP to be mightily pleased when his/her amendment is selected, and displeased when it is not.

"Members do have to take the rough with the smooth."

Votes are expected to start at 5pm.